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NOTICE: These parts are not PMA'd! You and your IA will need to decide whether these

meet the requirements of owner-produced parts for installation on your airplane.

Read the Service Bulletin here.

If you want to install PMA'd parts, the best on line source that I found was Broadies' Aircraft.  On the day that I searched, one of the four parts was out of stock and the other three looked like this, this, and this.

For entertainment purposes only, here was a sample result that I got from another online source:  Funny

My local FBO was able to quote a set for me and the total was $1432.

Stabilator Bracket Part Number Cross-Reference

Original Cessna Part

Superseding Cessna Part

Velocolutions Part

Bracket, Stabilator Weight Arm, Forward Mounting, LH




Bracket, Stabilator Weight Arm, Forward Mounting, RH




Bracket, Stabilator Weight Arm, Rear Mounting, LH




Bracket, Stabilator Weight Arm, Rear Mounting, RH




Below are four photos of the brackets.  You will notice that I deliberately omitted the holes on the fore and aft sides of the brackets.  This is so you can align them with any uniqueness present in your plane and to enhance the owner-produced fraction.  (Click any picture to enlarge.)


Trusted advisors have informed me that the holes drilled in the ends of the aft brackets were custom-drilled in each airframe.  This experience has been borne out by several comments from owners who have installed these brackets.  To remedy this, I have created Rev B of these parts and will only ship brackets without those holes unless specifically requested otherwise.  Below are pictures of  the Rev B brackets.  These are what will be shipped.

The brackets are made of 16-guage (0.060") type 304 stainless steel with a 2B finish.  They are then passivated prior to marking.


Below are two pictures showing the relative weights of the two sets (64 g Cessna vs. 173 g Velocolutions).  (As usual, click any picture to enlarge.)


These two pictures show the OEM brackets in the two profiles.  In the picture on the right you see the holes that will need to be drilled in these parts for your airplane.



In May 2013, I subjected a representative set of these brackets to a salt fog test in accordance with ASTM B117 in a professional laboratory.  Test specimens were placed in a salt fog chamber whereby specimens were exposed to cyclic corrosion tests for a period greater than 500 hours (531 to be exact).  Conditions (salt fog spray, condensation, wet/dry conditions, temps @ 25 degs C) are in accordance with modifications and refinements to ASTM B117.  This practice provides a controlled corrosive environment which has been utilized to produce relative corrosion resistance information for specimens of metals and coated metals exposed in a given test chamber.

Below are pictures of the result.  As usual, click any picture to enlarge.  The first two pics are immediately after removal from the salt fog chamber.  The other pictures are after wiping the samples down with a rag.

Brackets immediately after removal from salt fog chamber 

The close ups show the only areas of noticable corrosion. 

Now also available powder coated in white.  If you'd prefer a different color, please contact me.



Price: $400.00

Return policy: If returned unmodified within 180 days from your order, I will refund 100% of your purchase price.  If you want to return the parts after 180 days, please contact me.

How to pay: PayPal (username "") or check payable to: Matt Parry, 531 Geranium Pl, Oxnard, CA 93036


The brackets are made in the USA from steel made in the USA.