Aftermarket parts for Cessna Cardinals

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NOTICE: These parts are not PMA'd! You and your IA will need to decide whether these

meet the requirements of owner-produced parts for installation on your airplane.

The airplane in question is a 1976 177B.  Figure 1 shows my pilot’s side door frame prior to removal.  The Door Latch Bumper (p/n 2012127-1, figure 17-66 of my illustrated parts catalog), hereafter referred to as “bumper,” is made of thin aluminum that has snagged and torn on the door latch over the years.

(Click on any image for a larger view.)
   Figure 1. Pilot’s side bumper prior to removal
Figure 2 shows the co-pilot’s side bumper removed from the airframe.  Note that there are two stubby machine screws and two sheet-metal screws.
  Figure 2. Co-pilot’s bumper removed with screws.
Figure 3 shows a set of replacement bumpers ready to be mounted to the airframe.  The edges have been deburred. The smaller, sheet-metal screw holes are chamfered but you may want to shallow out the chamfer by using a 3/16” concrete drill bit.  The replacement bumpers are made of 0.060" 304 stainless steel and weigh about one ounce each.  The bumpers have been bead-blasted which gives a matte finish and mostly eliminates the tool mark from the manufacturing process.  If you choose to paint these, the bead-blasting should provide a better surface to which the paint will adhere.
  Figure 3. Set of replacement bumpers ready for installation.
On my plane, I needed to drill a new hole for the lower sheet-metal screw on the pilot’s side.  The upper machine screw on the co-pilot’s door was also not quite lined up.  You may find clever ways around this or just leave that screw out altogether.  It’s plenty strong without it.
   Figure 4. Pilot’s side, bumper installed
  Figures 4 and 5 show the pilot’s and co-pilot’s door frames with the new bumpers installed.
    Figure 5. Co-pilot’s side, bumper installed
Now available, at no extra charge, are these bumpers powder coated in white.  I also have a few sets in red and blue. If you'd like a different color, please contact me to see what we can arrange.


Reported problems with these parts have been few and far between so I don't anticipate that you'll have an issue with them but, if you do, please return them within 180 days of placing your order and I will refund 100% of the purchase price.

Price: $50.00

How to pay: PayPal username "") or check payable to: Matt Parry, 531 Geranium Pl, Oxnard, CA 93036