Aftermarket parts for Cessna Cardinals

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This page is for new, used, excess, or no longer working parts.  Condition and prices as noted.  Feel free to ask questions prior to ordering by clicking on the "contact" link above.  There is only one of each of these items so it's probably worth your while to check to see if I still have it before ordering.  Thanks.

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Aeroquip hose part number AE3663819B0092. New and unused but purchased several years ago. There is a note on the tag that says "No Shelf Life Limit" however I believe I tried to return this to the reseller and was denied due to shelf life. Price: $20 plus shipping.

Aeroquip Hose



MX-300 Radio, RT-359A Transponder, and AR-500 Altitude Encoder. Used. The radio was NOT working properly when removed.  My recollection is that there was something wrong with the squelch.  The transponder was also NOT working properly when removed.  My recollection is that there was something wrong with "the crystal (?)" when removed.  The altitude encoder was working as far as I recall.  In any event, none of these parts comes with a yellow tag and are NOT ready for installation as is.  They might make interesting projects for an avionics tech or shop.  Price: make offer. Shipping negotiable with price.

Radio Front                                               Radio Back                                             Radio Top


Whiskey compass and temperature probe.  Used.  Compass is not leaking and the temperature probe reacts to skin contact so, as far as I know, these are working fine.  They were removed when I had my windshield replaced.  The base of the compass is cracked with a piece missing and the remaining glue is pretty rough.  Price: make offer.

                                                            Compass Front                                                 Compass Back


I also have a nose wheel cover with promotional lettering on it.  Picture available upon request.  Price: Make an offer.

How to pay: PayPal (username "") or check payable to: Matt Parry, 531 Geranium Pl, Oxnard, CA 93036