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Because I'm as shocked as I'm sure you are with the prices of simple replacement parts for our beautiful birds, I've decided to start making some of my own parts.  Since it's never cost-effective to set up a fabrication operation for just one set of parts, I'm going to commission economical order quantity runs and make them available to the rest of the community at hopefully reasonable prices.  This is a one-man operation in my spare time so if I don't get back to you right away, please have patience.


The first three products are Stabilator Brackets, Door Bumpers and Aft Bulkhead Assemblies.  None of these parts are PMA'd so you will need to determine for yourself whether or not they meet the criteria for owner-produced parts.  I'm not in the business of tricking you out of your money, though, so if you're not satisfied with any of these products, please return them in a reasonable amount of time for a full and prompt refund.



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